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Other EA Communities

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Enterprise Architecture Communities


There are at least five other communities for Enterprise Architecture available they are:

EACommunity The mission of EACommunity is to be the premier community for IT executives to obtain and share knowledge about the Enterprise Architecture industry, solutions and technologies. Specific areas to be covered include enterprise application integration, architectures, business operations, quality management, application software testing, project management


IEAC The International Enterprise Architecture Center (ieac.org) is a professional membership organization dedicated to the development of enterprise architecture frameworks, methods and disciplines across all enterprise environments, as well as support for the enterprise architecture professionals that make those frameworks and methods useful.  This organization has "adopted" my pointer list as their Knowledge Library.


IEAC The International Enterprise Architects Consortium (IEAC) is dedicated to providing the knowledge, theory and applications required to optimize an organization's ability to implement business strategy. The IEAC is an alumni organization for conference attendees of DCI's Enterprise Architecture Conferences.

 IS-World Net  Welcome to the Enterprise Architecture international research stream. This page provides a centralised point from which academics and practitioners can access information relating to enterprise architecture.


ArchitecturePlus  This site is sponsored by the General services Agency, there is a active newsletter moderated by George Brundage, sub-groups for Data Architecture , Infrastructure Architecture , Business Architecture , Applications and Systems Architecture each of these is detailed at the List server area of the site.  The website contains an extensive list of white papers, presentations, and vendor information as well as references to actual architectures.


And of course the EWITA Community:

Other Communities

Obviously there are other groups or individuals who have formed useful communities for the EA Architect.  Some of these are:


TechRepublic A news and technical source for CIO's, IT Managers, Network Administrators, Support Managers, IT Trainers and IT Consultants.  They allow you to pick the areas you are interested in.  They have newsletters about the changes in the site.


"The Enterprise Newsletter" (TEN), published by Clive Finkelstein. This is a free Electronic Newsletter that is issued quarterly and sent via email.


ganntthead - A project management support site with a lot of white papers and templates


Others -

If you have a favorite community site that supports Enterprise Architecture, please let us know.  We will add to this list and give you the credit line.

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