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Architecture Training

Software Architecture Class:

- Las Vegas, March 14-17, 2006
- Reading/London, UK, June 6-9, 2006
- Chicago, IL, September 19-22, 2006

Enterprise Architecture Workshop

- Las Vegas, March 21-24, 2006 (Vegas class is full)
- Reading/London, UK, June 6-9, 2006
- Chicago, IL, Sept 12-15, 2006

Architectural Leadership Class

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Product Platforms and Software Product Lines

Resources for Software Product Lines

Software Product Lines Case Studies and Reports

Books on Product Platforms

Books on Software Product Lines (links are to Amazon)

Papers on Product Platforms

Papers on Software Product Lines

  • Batory, Don, Clay Johnson, Bob Macdonald, Dale von Heeder, "Achieving Extensibility Through Product-Lines and Doman-Specific Languages,
  • Peter Toft, Derek Coleman, and Joni Ohta, "A Cooperative Model for Cross-Divisional Product Development for a Software Product Line," Proceedings of the First Software Product Lines Conference (SPLC1), Kluwer Academic Publishers, August 2000 (Ed. Patrick Donohoe), pages 111-132.

Papers on Domain Specific Languages

Discussion Boards/Blogs on Software Product Lines and Software Factories

Conferences on Software Product Lines and Product Platforms

  • SPLC-Americas 2006, 10th International Software Product Line Conference, Baltimore, Maryland, August 21-25, 2006.

Conference Proceedings


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Note on URLs

I provide both a link on the case study name and the URL. I realize, naturally, that when one is online, the URL is superfluous, and indeed often very ugly. Sorry about that. But as soon as the page is printed, the links do not show up as URLs, of course. Yes, I know one could "Google" the title and find the referenced work even more easily than typing in an arcane URL. It is a matter of reference—the URL identifies exactly where the referenced work (at least at some point) was published online. I believe that the "old establishment" are going to have to recognize the legitimacy of papers published on the web, and create a standard for referencing them. If/when such a standard exists, please do inform me of it! Until then, I think it is reasonable to be complete in referencing the URL as the publication source.

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