Issue 0001 08/25/00

We would like to remind you of this upcoming event.

EA/EWITA Chat (see addresses below):

Chat Rooms:
The scheduled chat room will be available on Date: Tuesday, August 22, 2000
Time: 10:00AM - 11:00AM PDT (GMT-07:00) Come on in and meet some new people with similar expertise, drop in and see who else is logged in, ask questions etc. The address is

A second chat room you can schedule to meet your staff or acquaintances is at
EWITA Tools - Emphasis Meeting Skills
There is a segment of the EWITA website that is dedicated to
tools. Some of the tools necessary for developing a EA are meeting skills with real
life aids to good meetings. The address for these pointers is Tools/index.html , select
"Meeting Skills" from the menu.
A new directory (non-Javascript) is at Tools/toolbox.html

Discussion Groups:
There are two Discussion Groups available, non-members and members only

EWITA website:
The EWITA Website is presently located at,
The web site will soon be moving to

Contest: $1395 Ticket to DCI event
1 in 37 odds, no bad!- Only 37 people have accessed the contest rules since they were posted.

Anyone can participate. The prize is a $1395 ticket to the next EA
conference put on by DCI in New Orleans October 24, through 26th. I will be
presenting a session which is titled "Developing an Expedited
Enterprise Architecture, Or Can you have it in 90 days"
The rules address is
The DCI announcement address is