Scheduled Chat:

Join us at the EWIT_Architecture community for the weekly scheduled chat at 10:00 am west coast time Tuesday, August 29, 2000 at

These chats are to allow you and other Architects to meet and discuss issues, questions and solutions. You may use this chat room at any time you desire, simply make arrangements for your "correspondent" to meet you there on your own pre arranged schedule.

Contest: $1395 Ticket to DCI event - Only 5 days left, entries must be in by midnight, August 31, 2000
1 in 38 odds, no bad!- Only 38 people have accessed the contest rules since they were posted.

Anyone can participate. The prize is a $1395 ticket to the next EA
conference put on by DCI in New Orleans October 24, through 26th.

The contest rules address is
The DCI announcement address is

EA Communities:

One of the benefits of the Internet is that it allows people to join communities made up of others with similar interests. E-mail lists and discussion groups allow the exchange of ideas and information easily from widely dispersed individuals.

For dispersed organizations, project teams that disband and reform frequently or other networks of people, participation in such communities are extremely useful. With the self administration of such email/discussion groups it saves involving IT technical staff, easily allowing the establishment or the dissolving of such communities. This appears to be the "user groups" of the 00's, much in a manner similar to the user groups formed to support desktop computers in the 60's through the 80's.

One danger of such "user groups" is the problem of "spam" each user receives all email. Though with the discussion groups, it is possible to minimize the excess e-mail though moderation.

EWITA has assumed the responsibility for administering (moderating) the community of EWIT_Architecture and has established the community of Enterprise_Architecture (not moderated) for the use of the general EA community. Also EWITA will provide moderation for other EA subject matter communities if requested.

The existing communities may be found on the site provided by eGroups at

On the eGroups page search EWIT_Architecture (both groups show up).

EA Graphics:

WSDOT Graphics:

There are s.Some really good EA graphics from WSDOT, submitted by Rbt. Cummings of that organization, at

Request for additional graphics:

If you have any graphics that have assited in getting your EA message across, please share them with the rest of the EA community. Send copies to Please identify yourself or your organization as a folder and place the graphics in that folder. Or you can send them directly to me and I will enter them.

EWITA Tools - Emphasis Scenarios Development
There is a segment of the EWITA website that is dedicated to
tools. One of the tools necessary for explaining a EA are scenarios. The address for pointes to this information is Tools/index.html , select
"Scenerios (yes, it is misspelled) Development" from the menu.
A new directory (non-Javascript) is at Tools/toolbox.html

EWITA website:
The EWITA Website can be accessed at

The site at present (until we get some time) still points to


Some time it is advantageous to have a resume on line, the EWITA site welcomes IT related resumes. Send me a e-mail with your resume attached, please remove the SSN and address prior to submission. We will post it on the site.

TechRepublic site:

A new site, the TechRepublic is designed for IT professionals and seems to be a well designed reference "community" site, check it out at It has free discussion boards, mailing list maintenance and schedulers available.

Developing an Expedited EA...Can You Have it in 90 Days?:

New Orleans DCI EA Conference

Thursday, October 26, 2000, 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
Developing an Expedited EA...Can You Have it in 90 Days?
David McAfee, Enterprise-Wide Information Technology Architects, Inc.

The converging technology trends of staffing shortages and the demand to do more with less in a shorter time-frame have required that organizations develop a plan or architecture that will ensure the survival of the business organization. Because of time and other resource constraints, many organizations are requiring an expedited development of the Architecture. In some (but not all) organizations a successful architecture can be developed in just a few weeks. The session allows you to determine if your organization is one of those that can benefit from an expedited architecture. Real life proven methods, processes, examples, schedules and tools will be discussed.

What you will learn

  • Determine if the ''sucking sound of money'' is necessary to achieve executive buy-in
  • Learn which development methods appear to be most effective for the timeframe
  • Anticipate some of the problems associated with the adoption of an architecture
  • Sources for free and for fee tools to assist in the development of a Architecture

David McAfee, Senior Technical Consultant, Enterprise-Wide Information Technology Architects, Inc.

Dave has over 35 years of IT experience including includes facilitation of architectures based on group consensus, he is primarily responsible for three of five components of an architecture for a large state organization as well as facilitating the Business case for a statewide e-Government initiative. As past manager for developing large distributed insurance systems as well as stints as operations, software and information center manager of a large mainframe organization, he brings a unique vision to Enterprise Wide Architecture.


Dave McAfee

Senior Technical Consultant