And the winner is:

Faye A. Lee of the US Department of the Interior Information, who works as the Department Data Resource Manager within the Office of the CIO has been declared the winner of the : $1395 Ticket to DCI Enterprise Architecture Conference to be held in New Orleans October 24, 25, and 26 2000. Congratulations Ms. Lee!

Ms. Lee submitted a single reference to the Architecture site for her organization with a single line description


Description:  US Department of the Interior Information Architecture site

Faye A. Lee
Department Data Resource Manager
Office of the CIO
U.S. Department of the Interior"

As you may be aware all submissions (that did not duplicate pointers at the site were given one entry for the pointer and one for a description, so Ms. Faye received two entries. Her name was drawn randomly on September 1, 2000 and she was notified the same day.

To review the contest rules you can go to
The prize is attendance to the conference whose site is at


This site is the beginning of the US DOI's architecture site, many of the pages are under construction, but the content that is there shows potential for a very viable and useful site for the Enterprise Architects both in and outside the organization. The navigation scheme is unique and consists of "expanding triangles" A triangle pointing to the left indicates that additional information is available and a click on that triangle opens a expanded page. A downward pointed triangle indicates the bottom of the navigation hierarchy. Resources that appear to be very useful to other (external) Architects are:

Architecture Maturation Measurement located at

Organizational Recommendations located at

Timeline located at - _Section2

These three resources have bee added to the EA/EWITA Tools available at Tools/index.html

Scheduled Chat cancelled:

The scheduled chats On Tuesdays are being canceled for lack of participation. Feel free to use this chat room to discuss EA or other matters with in your own local or distributed workgroup. The chat rooms are available 24 hours each day. They are located at:


These chats are to allow you and other Architects to meet and discuss issues, questions and solutions. You may use this chat room at any time you desire, simply make arrangements for your "correspondent" to meet you there on your own pre arranged schedule.

EA Communities: Communicating with internal and external workgroups

Would you like to establish a workgroup that can function over the Internet for one or more locations, or develop a mailing list that can be used to insure everyone receives the same email, or establish a moderated or unmoderated discussion group that everyone in a specified group can look at. How about the ability to down load files to a common area that is available only to members of the mailing list. If so you are talking about a community.

EWITA has assumed the responsibility for administering (moderating) the community of EWIT_Architecture and has established the community of Enterprise_Architecture (not moderated) for the use of the general EA community. Also EWITA will provide moderation for other EA subject matter communities if requested, or assistance in setting up your own private moderated discussion groups and mailing lists.

You can access these communities though the In the new area to the right of the page, simply select the Enterprise Architecture Communications hyperlink.

Featured EA/EWITA Tools Staffing

Go to and select Index of EA Tools you will be given a choice of many tools and aids to a large EA project, within that index are the following entries:

  •  Staffing the Project Primary folder
    •  Statement of Work A statement of work for a consulting firm hired to assist the CA/EDD
  •  Project Expectations What a consultant should write into a contract to protect their interests in a large government contract.

EWITA website:
The EWITA Website can be accessed at

The site at present (until we get some time) still points to

What's coming:

We now have about 5000 pointers to Enterprise Architecture sites, we are currently working on classifying them to one or more useful orders. The order we are currently working on is by type of Architecture site, classifying them to .edu, .com, .gov, .mil, and state architectures. The 5000 pointers need to be rearranged and consolidated so each site has only one or two pointers. These 5000 pointers must be integrated into our existing pointer sets. By September 15, 2000 we expect to have the pointer set initially classified sufficiently to be of use. It will be placed on the


Some time it is advantageous to have a resume on line, the EWITA site welcomes IT related resumes. Send me a e-mail with your resume attached, please remove the SSN and address prior to submission. We will post it on the site.

DCI Conference - Session

Developing an Expedited EA...Can You Have it in 90 Days?:

New Orleans DCI EA Conference

Thursday, October 26, 2000, 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
Developing an Expedited EA...Can You Have it in 90 Days?
David McAfee, Enterprise-Wide Information Technology Architects, Inc.

The converging technology trends of staffing shortages and the demand to do more with less in a shorter time-frame have required that organizations develop a plan or architecture that will ensure the survival of the business organization. Because of time and other resource constraints, many organizations are requiring an expedited development of the Architecture. In some (but not all) organizations a successful architecture can be developed in just a few weeks. The session allows you to determine if your organization is one of those that can benefit from an expedited architecture. Real life proven methods, processes, examples, schedules and tools will be discussed.

What you will learn

  • Determine if the ''sucking sound of money'' is necessary to achieve executive buy-in
  • Learn which development methods appear to be most effective for the timeframe
  • Anticipate some of the problems associated with the adoption of an architecture
  • Sources for free and for fee tools to assist in the development of a Architecture

David McAfee, Senior Technical Consultant, Enterprise-Wide Information Technology Architects, Inc.

Dave has over 35 years of IT experience including includes facilitation of architectures based on group consensus, he is primarily responsible for three of five components of an architecture for a large state organization as well as facilitating the Business case for a statewide e-Government initiative. As past manager for developing large distributed insurance systems as well as stints as operations, software and information center manager of a large mainframe organization, he brings a unique vision to Enterprise Wide Architecture.


Dave McAfee

Senior Technical Consultant