Issue 0008 10/12/00
From: David McAFee
Date: Thu Oct 12, 2000 1:13pm
Subject: The Enterprise-Wide IT Architecture (EWITA) site

The Enterprise-Wide IT Architecture (EWITA) site, located at, has been designed to become a comprehensive and useful reference site and community resource for Enterprise-wide Information Technology Architecture (EWITA) or Enterprise Architecture (EA).
This site was previously located at, the old site will point to the new site for the remainder of the year 2000.
For over three years these sites have been expanded to include not only the original URL pointer lists to Architecture sites, but to include an extensive "tool box" for new and experienced Technical Architects with extensive templates and examples.
This non-commercial site originated as a Link Repository (a repository of links to the web) for an architectural effort in California, and since has evolved into a community for Enterprise Architecture, and those interested in that skill.
Associated with the site(s) are Discussion Groups and Chat Rooms available for mailing list members and others who chose not to be on any mailing lists.
A newsletter is published every other week that includes articles, EA site spotlights, and a what's new feature for the EWITA site.
The addresses below are the resources pointers for this site.
Web Site Address -
Webmaster -
Mailing List/Subscribe - or
Discussion Group (members) -
Chat Room (members) -
Discussion Group (non-members) -
Chat Room (non-members) -

Enterprise-Wide IT Architecture (EWITA)
David McAfee, Senior Technical Consultant