October 28, 2000

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Table of Contents

  1. Hammering away in the garage
  2. The Collaborative Project Work Space Part 1

    The Physical Project Room Part 2

    The Virtual Project Room Part 3

  3. Site Spotlight
  4. Vendor Spotlight
  5. There he goes again!
  6. EWITA web site changes


Hammering away in the garage

The following is the second of a series of three articles describing the "ideal" project work space. The first article describes it from a general sense, the second describes an actual project workspace (physical), and the third article describes the virtual work space as it should be.

The Collaborative Project Work Space

The Physical Project Room (PPR) Part 2

In most IT projects it is necessary for the workers to come together, even more so an architecture project!

In most successful cases, the core architecture project team "lived" in a project room.

The following article describes one such project or war room.

Core staffing for this project ranged from 6 to 9 people.

Definition - Physical Project Room

"A gathering place for a group of people to develop or refine a solution to a significant problem in a short time frame."

Physical Requirements

Required Equipment

Required software

Network Requirements

Comfort Items





In the third of these three articles, we will describe a logical workspace that might be used as an Architectural virtual project area. A copy of this article, previous and the subsequent articles will be placed in the Tools part of the Enterprise-Wide IT Architecture (EWITA) web site, located at http://www.ewita.com.



Site Spotlight


Commonwealth of Kentucky Information Technology Enterprise Architecture

The Commonwealth of Kentucky is striving for an IT architecture, supported by technology standards, that will better serve its citizens. To achieve this vision, the architecture and standards must allow for maximum reach, flexibility and maneuverability. Therefore, any authorized person can access any IT resource, any time and anywhere to achieve maximum reach. Additionally, all information objects (information, processes and services) will be shared to achieve full flexibility within this environment. Finally, as the architecture evolves, all applications will be built to promote maximum maneuverability (e.g. modularity, openness).

Editor's Comments:

The architecture appears to be somewhat dated. The latest date on the site was on the home page and was July 1, 1997. Content appears to be appropriate for today however.

Good discussion of emerging technologies in everyday English!


Advanced Networking & Empowerment

Management of Technology

Distributed Computing and Software

Data Base and Information Management

Multimedia, Imaging, Computer Telephony


If you have the need for a discussion of any of these subjects this is an excellent source.

BTW - Carnegie Mellon has a document called a STR that contains constantly updated software technologies at http://www.sei.cmu.edu/str/ in a similar vein as the technologies above.

This file is quite large (more than 2 megabytes) so if you are working with a slow modem, be aware that it will take a long download.

From the site:

The Software Technology Review (STR) is a directed guide containing the latest information on approximately 63 software technologies. It is of interest to anyone building or maintaining systems.



Vendor Spotlight

This one of a continuing series of spotlights about vendors to the EA community, it is not meant as an endorsement, simply information.

If you know of a vendor that provides service to the EA community, send me a brief write-up.

We will run one spotlight per issue on a first come, first published basis.

There are no compensations associated with this spotlight!

M A Cook Corporation http://www.melissacook.com/index.htm

From the Site:

The M A Cook Corporation specializes in delivering Knowledge Transfer Services in the area of Enterprise Information Architecture and Data Standards.

Why Information Architecture?

As in the construction industry, an architectural framework is necessary to ensure quality structures, especially complex ones. Information Architecture has been the missing link necessary to redesign the complicated, spaghetti morass of systems in most large organizations. Like the high level architectural drawing for a complex structure, the
information architecture becomes a framework that both business and IT use to steadily make changes to improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of information technology in your organization.

From the Editor:

The five page site is primarily a web presence for Melissa Cook's company. As you may be aware, Ms Cook is the author of "Building Enterprise Information Architectures".

The site contains little if any content and is very sales oriented.

From the vendor:

None provided



There he goes again

Would you like to get "more" from this newsletter and the Website?

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So who could benefit from membership? Any one that has a interest in better performing their job function! If you look at the tools on the website, you will find that there are useful tools for anyone holding meetings (don't we all) or having to do analysis (don't we all) or managing a technical staff(?). Sign up or request an invitation be sent by a simple email to dmcafee@ewita.com.

My presentation from the DCI Conference in New Orleans is on the EWITA site, enjoy it, comments welcome!



EWITA Website Changes

Please go to the EWITA website at http://www.ewita.com and select the "New" icon on either the banner or the welcome page

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Added 10/28/00
Developing an Expedited EA or Can you have it in 90 Days? Presented at the DCI/Meta EA Conference in New Orleans by Dave McAfee, Oct 26, 2000

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