December 24, 2000, Christmas Eve

Welcome to the latest issue of the Enterprise-Wide IT Architecture Newsletter!

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Seasons Greetings

As I sit here on the 23rd of December facing a new millennium, I would like to wish you all a happy New Year and depending on your faith a merry holiday.

It has been a very good year for me and my family. Both my wife and I retired after forty years of working, took 6 months off, enjoyed our new grandson and now I am back to work at an extremely interesting job.

The EWITA site has had a significant redesign and restructure making it more professional looking, and I have enjoyed working on it. However, with my new job, I find that I am not spending as much time as I would like to keep it up.

I have gotten a lot of positive feed back on the site, and have done some analysis on the mailing list, take a look at the article below. If you would like to get a white paper, article or just a question out to a wide variety of technical people, why not use the site and this newsletter to do it?

We welcome comments on format and content as well as suggestions for articles and sites to be explored. Please let us know by sending us a e-mail at

Mailing List Information

We have over 219 people on our mailing list representing most government agencies, many states, and countries and vendors. Is there a better way of reaching this diversified group of IT Architects and IT architectural interested people, than to go through this newsletter?

If you have articles, white papers, sites of interest, let us publish them to this exclusive list of IT architectural interested people. Forward articles, white papers and interesting sites to


Table of Contents

  1. Hammering away in the garage
  2. Who am I talking to? Mailing List analysis

  3. Site Spotlight
  4. CIO Council - US Federal Government

  5. Vendor Spotlight
  6. None this issue - Vendor's here is a chance to reach a selected audience of technical architects.

  7. There he goes again!
  8. EWITA web site changes
  9. Feedback


Hammering away in the garage

Who am I talking to?

Well, as an end of year exercise, I tried to do an analysis of my mailing list. Briefly here’s what I found:

This short survey does not consider those that have multiple registrations, really belong in some other classification. The analysis was done based on the suffix of the mailing address and my personal knowledge of the mailing address names or my personal knowledge of the individual.

So what does this indicate?

The EWITA community extends worldwide, covering many different organizations concentrated in the government areas. It appears to be a excellent way of communicating to a diverse group of individuals who are interested in IT architecture.

How do you access this mailing list?

Sorry, you cannot directly access the mailing list, as it my obligation to the members of the list not to release their names unless requested. You can however send mail to the community site and if deemed appropriate for distribution, I will send it out to the members. So far, I have not sent out notices for auctions, elicitation of individuals to join job shops. I have sent out notices of jobs, and articles received. Send any question, message, article or white paper to me, directly at or the community address of



Site Spotlight

CIO Council

From the site:

The Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council was established by Executive Order 13011, Federal Information Technology, on July 16, 1996. A charter for the Council was adopted on February 20, 1997. The CIO Council serves as the principal interagency forum for improving practices in the design, modernization, use, sharing, and performance of Federal Government agency information resources. The Council's role includes developing recommendations for information technology management policies, procedures, and standards; identifying opportunities to share information resources; and assessing and addressing the needs of the Federal Government's IT workforce.

The CIO Council serves as a focal point for coordinating challenges that cross agency boundaries. The CIO Council operational committees, through subcommittees and working groups, meet these challenges by producing the work products of the CIO Council, many of which can be found on this web site. The CIO Council's Year 2000 Strategic Plan lists the following six committees: Capital Planning and IT Management; Federal IT Workforce; Security, Privacy and Critical Infrastructure; Enterprise Interoperability and Emerging IT; Outreach; and Year 2000. The Year 2000 Committee has been sunsetted and a new committee, E-Gov, was formed out of the GITS (Government Information Technology Services) Board. An additional committee, the executive committee, is made up of the chairs of the operational committees and supports Council operations and the management of budget and cross-committee initiatives.


The Federal CIO Council at is targeted toward the Federal CIO offices. It contains lists of the State and Federal CIO offices. It should be noted however that, as an example, California lists only a single CIO, it does in fact have distributed responsibilities in each of its organizations.

In the Committees area you will find all pertinent Federal Publications having to do with their committee subject, especially interesting is the E-Government committee.

One very nice feature is a weekly interview with individual CIOs that concentrate on one subject and the result is a high level overview on a topical subject. Examples include:

Jim Flyzik, September 22, 2000 What is a CIO

Marty Wagner, October 27, 2000 FirstGov the Federal Egov initiative

Richard Guida, November 17, 2000 Password, pins and other security methods

Roger Baker, December 15, 2000 Security


Good site for making contacts, site has many links to interesting areas for Architects as well as CIO’s.



There he goes again

Sorry about the newsletter not being up to speed this issue, I have a couple of deadlines at work and am having to squeeze in the newsletter on Christmas Eve day.

Site and Mailing List Statistics

Over the last couple of issues, I took a look at the site and the mailing list. I want to thank you for your assistance in making this a viable site. Why not invite others to grow our community by forwarding copies of the newsletter or pointing them to the site?


Do you have pointers, articles of interest to the EA community, would you like to write an article? If so, please contact me, so we can, together, further the EA Community



EWITA Website Changes

Please go to the EWITA website at and select the "New" icon on the banner, the welcome or the admin page




Request for information:

Feel free to add to the response, just email me the answer, I will include it in the next newsletter and forward directly to the person posing the question.

Question submitted:

Do you have any examples, templates, lessons learned for a Statement of Work
for Enterprise Architecture?


You might try the site at select the tools selection and look at the "Staffing the Project" for the statement of work we used to get our EA done.

The State of Washington has some templates on my site, look at the WSDOT selections in the Tools area.

Feel free to use whatever you want/need.

You may want to request access to the State of CA / EDD/BDA for a complete version of an Architecture.

If you want to formulate your questions, I would be happy to put them in my newsletter and maybe you will get some good responses.

Readers: To respond or comment send your comment to

Question submitted:

Hi Dave,
I'm interested in the Technology architecture for Self Service in
the Government and can seem to find any concrete info on that. Like how did
they do it? what methodology? and an example. Can you perhaps help.


The last newsletter and this one had "Site Spotlights:" of the British and the US Egov initiatives, check those out first. I will try to set up a pointer set for Egov type initiatives for the next news letter.

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