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I need Help, between work, and this newsletter, I do not have sufficient time to generate new content each time. So if you have a favorite web site or a white paper languishing on your C: Drive, send it to me. Get published! Each of us has something to contribute to this community, a simple process, a procedure, or a white paper that you have used effectively can be of additional use to others. You can get some pretty good exposure for your organization by publishing in this newsletter.


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Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Hammering away in the garage
  3. The garage was quiet this last two weeks, no construction

  4. Site Spotlight
  5. Innovation Journal

    A new and interesting Canadian site dedicated to government innovation

    Recommend a site to be reviewed.

  6. Vendor Spotlight
  7. No vendors this issue

    Vendors, here is a chance to reach a selected audience of technical architects, send information to EWITA.

  8. EACommunity
  9. A community that you can get a lot of good information from, bit of a bunch of snobs though.

  10. Recommended Reading
  11. A federal report that ties the architecture into the budgeting process with some nice EA tools.

  12. By the way (BTW)
  13. Other sources and information.

  14. Feedback

Responses to your comments and questions


Site Review - Innovation Journal

From the Site:

The Innovation Journal is a non-partisan Internet-based journal devoted to sharing ideas and information about public sector innovation. Public servants, elected officials, academics, consultants and others share their thoughts through The Journal. The Innovation Journal's mission is to encourage innovation, which will improve the quality, efficiency or effectiveness of government administration and policy. Innovation is defined as the first time a new way of doing something, a policy, service, program or administrative technique, an approach or a technology is introduced in a country. The Innovation Journal is particularly interested in new ways of doing things.

Papers are invited on such topics as:


This site addresses innovation worldwide, apparently based in Canada, co-sponsored by an Australian firm (CentreLink), it has a high ratio of contributors from the British and ex British Commonwealth countries. The site is "clean and crisp", well thought out and appears to be frequently updated.

I especially like the idea of the peer reviewed contributions.

Check out the humor (or Humour as the "English" say) section, especially the comments on the recent US election.

Comments from the site webmaster:

Thanks, David, I appreciate your positive feedback and will have a look at your

site. As for a comment from me, you could say:

Please have a look at the site, and consider contributing.

Eleanor Glor


The Innovation Journal www.innovation.cc



Thanks to Michael Dunham for pointing this site out. Mike is an independent consultant and has been a member of the EWITA since before the site was put up. I worked with him on a complex infrastructure project at the State of California. He has a website at http://home.earthlink.net/~michaeldunham/



Here is a good resource for EA information!

"The mission of EACommunity is to be the premier community for IT executives to obtain and share knowledge about the Enterprise Architecture industry, solutions and technologies. Specific areas to be covered include enterprise application integration, architectures, business operations, quality management, application software testing, project management. Each of the entries below represents a white paper. While some are representative of organizations there are a lot of good items of information."

You must be a member of the EACommunty.com at http://www.eacommunity.com/ to access them. Membership is free.

Three Models for Your Storage Architecture

Adhanda Enterprises

Five Reasons To Consider A Workflow Solution

Adhanda Enterprises

Inter-enterprise Management" Merges Three Hot Trends

Adhanda Enterprises

Maximizing Your Enterprise Architecture

Adhanda Enterprises

Hi, My Name Is ‘Shark’ And I’ll Be Your Server

Adhanda Enterprises

Do You Need an SCM System?


XML: What’s the Standard?


Looking Back on the Y2K Nonevent


Linux: "Still Rules Servers"


Considering an ASP




The Five Engines of eCR-Marketing


What is Multidimensional Data?


LAN's Bright Future


Architecting The Customer In


Enterprise Architecture Best Practices


Optimizing eCommerce Architecture


Uncle Sam’s Seven-Step Enterprise Architecture Model


Next-Generation Business Intelligence: Six Requirements




ERP Integration Strategies


Information Agile Companies Close The Loop


Managing the Complexity of an IT Environment

Mary Meadows, Director of Architecture, NCR

LAN Toasts PBX


IT Labor Recruitment: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

Curtis Schmidt, Marketing Director, Ultrashare.com

Web App


Creating An Architectural Vision: Collecting Input

Ruth Malan and Dana Bredemeyer, Bredemeyer Consulting

Connected Enterprise Architecture Components


Corporate Portals: The Bandwagon's Running


Can't We All Just Get Along? An IT Strategy Success Story


The Role of the Architect

Ruth Malan and Dana Bredemeyer, Bredemeyer Consulting

Integrating Banking Enterprise Architecture for CRM


Software Architecture Action Guide

Ruth Malan and Dana Bredemeyer, Bredemeyer Consulting

A Word on Semantics: Data, Information, Knowledge, Insight

E. L. Mosshamer, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Enterprise Architecture: The Executive Advantage


Don't Get "Snowballed" Scope Creep

Glenn Gilmore, Cotelligent, Inc.

Wanted: I.T. Leaders


IT Architecture - Where, What, Why?

Clyde Miner, Logicon

Elements Of An Architecture Review

Mark Royce, NCR

The Making Of A Successful Enterprise Technical Architecture

Mehrdad Foroozesh, Ph. D., Sprint Paranet

Technology Purchase Decisions

E.L. Mosshamer, The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Component-Oriented Enterprise Application Integration For The 21st Century

Mike Foody, Visual Edge

Component-Oriented Enterprise Application Integration For The 21st Century


E*Trade Fiasco Teaches a Lesson About New Testing Methods



Recommended Reading

The Architecture Alignment and Assessment Guide, Federal Chief Information Officers

Council, published October 2000, is at: http://www.itpolicy.gsa.gov/mke/archplus/aaag.pdf

This recently issued document (not copyrighted) ties architecture and capital planning together in a very neat package, spend a few minutes and read this 30+ page document. The illustrations are very good and would be useful in presentations to your management.


The Architecture Alignment and Assessment Guide provides an introductory overview to the integration of enterprise architecture with the Information Technology (IT) Capital Planning process. This document is a guide to federal Agencies and provides examples for relating capital investments to the architecture project assessment and IT capital planning functions. It is intended for senior management as well as the architecture practitioner. The focus of this Guide is to present, step-by-step, the Architecture Alignment and Assessment process.

Sections 1 through 4 provide a summary of information technology reform and how it has evolved since the Clinger/ Cohen Act of 1996 became law. The sections highlight guidance that the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has given to the Federal community, which extended information technology reform beyond the Clinger/ Cohen Act.

Section 5, An Approach to IT Capital Planning and Enterprise Architecture (EA) Integration In Practice, provides an example of how one Bureau of the Department of Treasury, the U. S. Customs Service, conducted architecture alignment and assessment on a business function investment. It begins with a description of the architecture alignment and assessment function as implemented within Customs Investment process. The section concludes with a detailed description that applied the alignment and assessment principles, integrating the architecture with the IT capital planning function.

Some of the tools illustrated are:

  1. Business Alignment Tool provides a method to illustrate the arrangement of project concepts/ requirements in relation to the business area goals and objectives.
  1. Business Case Worksheet organizes the strategic, technical, and financial request information necessary to make a funding decision in a consistent, structured format. The worksheet provides sufficient information for the investment and architectural evaluators in the enterprise to evaluate and rank the proposal against other proposed investments according to the project benefits, costs, risks, and architecture criteria.
  2. Technical Alignment Matrix provides a framework for determining if the technology architecture of the solution proposed is compliant with the enterprise standards, architecture (i. e., information, data, applications, knowledge, and technology), and methodology (i. e., software development, data definitions, and network design) as defined by the Technical Reference Model (TRM).
  3. Architecture Assessment Matrix provides a framework for determining if the documentation (i. e., functional design, general design, and detailed design) is compliant with the architecture components approved through the Technical Alignment process.


By the way (BTW)

EACommunity (see except above), IEAC (The International Enterprise Architecture Center (ieac.org)), IEAC (The International Enterprise Architects Consortium (IEAC)), IS-World Net, ArchitecturePlus, and of course the EWITA Community:

TechRepublic, "The Enterprise Newsletter" (TEN), and ganntthead




Hammering away in the garage

The construction set was silent this month


Vendor Spotlight

No vendors this issue

Vendors, here is a chance to reach a selected audience of technical architects, send information to EWITA.




Dave, I was able to "find an appropriate opportunity" to articulate the Application Design Principles and best practices (from the "Hammering Away In The Garage" link. Yes, your research and publications are being utilized, great effort. (We all knew you could not let go of your IT passions!)

Congratulations on the 5-star ranking for your site!

David Thoren <DThoren@edd.ca.gov>


David worked with me before I "retired" from the State of Confusion. Thank you for your kind words David.



Well, welcome to the 17th issue of this newsletter. As my time gets more and more scarce, I find my admiration for those people capable of putting out newsletters on a consistent basis growing. It is extremely difficult "communicating" when the flow is one way. When I get feed back I really appreciate it. All input allows for a better newsletter. So any feed back you have it will be appreciated.

I often wonder if people are using filtering tools just to route this newsletter to the waste basket, so when I get any feed back it is welcome.

You may have noted a "slam" elsewhere in the newsletter regarding the EACommunity, perhaps I should explain that a little bit. I have submitted my site to these people multiple times and have been ignored each time, it would be useful to get a response from them. They have a very nice site, very professional and well designed and apparently staffed adequately. Their content is good, but their list of references is incomplete, it doesn't include this site! Other sites, including those at Purdue and SEI list my site as a resource, but…

May be it's my personality.