Recruitment and Retention Reading File

Article Name Author Publication Date
A Report to the Utah Information Technology Commission - The Information Technology (IT) Labor Shortage   UTAH CIO Website October 2000
State of California -Information Technology staff Recruitment and Retention   California DOIT October 1998
Resourceful Campus Solutions to IT Staff Challenges Charles W. Burmeister and Ernest A. Martinez Educause 1998
Guidelines for Evaluating Internal and External Resources for Major Information Technology Projects   Texas DIR June 1998
Retaining, Retraining, and Recruiting Information Technology Staff A list of sources   Educause  
America's New Deficit: The Shortage of Information Technology Workers     US Department of Commerce - Office of Technology Policy Undated
Update to America's New Deficit by the U. S. Department of Commerce.   US Department of Commerce - Office of Technology Policy January 1998
Getting Savvy about Attracting and Keeping Information Technology Workers William H. Wallace Jr. Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia. 1998
Six Strategies for Beating the Competition for Information Technology Workers Michael Pernal Eastern Connecticut State University Undated
Current Perspectives on
Information Technology Labor Markets
Ron Hira IEEE-USA July 1999
Information Technology Workforce A list of for purchase and free papers   Government Computer News  
1998 NASPE/IPMA Benchmarking Survey The primary purpose of this report is to summarize and analyze the statistical results of the Information Technology (IT) questions (#50 59) contained survey.   IPMA-HR 1998
The Supply of Information Technology Workers in the United States Peter Freeman
William Aspray
Computing Research Assn. May 1999
And a Search for additional Google approximately 5200 results "recruitment and retention" "Information Technology"   Google  
EWITA November 26, 2000 Newsletter - Recruitment and Retention Steve Rodgers EWITA 1999
McAfee Research
Recruiting and Retention Reading File
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