David A. McAfee

Sacramento, Ca  95821

April, 2002

(916) 204-1103 (cell) (916) 487 1103 (home)



Specific Experience

Experienced Manager November 20, 2000 through December 31, 2001 – Accenture – Government Alliances

CMAS Coordinator - Establish 5 California Multiple Award Schedule contracts.  Codify the process for others to follow.   California Organization Liaison – Utilize state contacts at all levels in major departments in the State to insure that Accenture has the latest organizational and opportunity information.  Maintain state contacts.  Opportunity Analysis – Monitor Western government organization’s web sites for Accenture and Proquire (sales arm of Accenture) opportunities.    Technical Resource – Consult with Accenture staff when requested on matters such as business architecture.  Develop Notes Database for internal Alliance use. Investigate software products, using various technical resources such as Gartner, Ovum.

Senior Technical Consultant July 6, 2000 through November 19, 2000 - Enterprise-Wide IT Architecture (EWITA) Self Employed

Website Developer - Develop the EWITA (http://ww.ewita.com) website and content.  IT Online Consulting - Developed the necessary Enterprise Architecture Community (mailing lists, newsletter, discussion groups and chat rooms) supporting the EA community, and to respond to questions posted on the site.  Seminar Provider - Developed session to be presented at the DCI/META EA Conference in New Orleans October 2000.  Technical Expertise - Participating as SolutionCentral's expert solutions expert for Enterprise Architecture.

Information Technology Architect (Senior Information Systems Analyst) July 1995 through July 5, 2000 - Employment Development Department (EDD) - Technology Policy and Planning Division (TPPD)

Architecture Facilitator Develop example eGOV Business Case, coordinate the consensus development of that business case for the State of California eGOV initiative. This includes all phases of facilitation and negotiation of multiple department's IT leadership.  IT Enterprise Architect (33 months) Develop an consensus driven Business Driven Architecture for a very large State Department. Establish the processes necessary to bring an enterprise-wide architecture to the Department. This includes the development of the initial work plan, sample architecture papers, collection of information from the Internet, methodology of consensus building. Design the physical model of the architecture structure. Coordinate the initial efforts to develop the first model. Participate as a lead in developing consensus architectures that reflect the needs of decentralized as well as centralized IT. Primary responsibility for three of five components.  Website design and implementation.   Senior Analyst (4 months) Develop an Enterprise Support Model for the Telecommunications Section that would allow the organization to fully support the Department's need for enterprise-wide network support. 

Local Internet Network Implementation Coordinator (13 months) Beginning with the ENSP Local Internet Network (LIN) Implementation Plan, develop the necessary partnerships with line staff and HWDC personnel necessary to insure a complete, secure installation of a TCP/IP infrastructure project interfacing to the Internet via a secured Demilitarized Zone that provides firewall, proxy services and restricted access web servers. Monitor progress of installation. Develop issues list and monitor progress toward completion. Develop proposed standards and policies. Develop and give presentations of highly technical subjects in non-technical language to all levels of management, technical and clerical staff.   Enterprise Network Strategic Plan Team Member (6 months) Working with 5 to 20 others develop a implementation plan for the Department's TCP/IP infrastructure, connecting all offices to the campus network, either via router (trusted networks), dial-up or Internet (untrusted networks). Participate in developing and making presentation to Executive Staff.

Data Processing Manager II 1990 through June 1995 - Employment Development Department (EDD)

Enterprise Network Strategic Plan (ENSP) Technical Representative (6 months) Represent Operations Branch on the ENSP project. Participate in the development and technical selection of Enterprise level alternatives.  Novell Network Administrator (12 months) Developed a Novell 3.2 network working with IT staff, administered that network including all physical equipment and software installs. Developed the Operations Branch Connectivity document.   Automated Requisition/Resume Project (ARRP) Manager (6 months) Wrote project charter for large client/server application, directed 4 staff in installing a client server application in three sites. Directed the effort to develop the FSR, the project report and the project wrap-up documents. Monitored contracts with two large contractors.   Information Center (IC) Manager (18 months) - Manage a group of 34 staff at the Asst./Assoc./Staff levels through three subordinate managers. The IC provides training on all computing platforms, end-user consulting, PC procurement, PC installation, network design, procurement, implementation, and PC help desks. Responsible for Department wide projects such as implementation of the Workgroup Computing Policy and other projects at management's request. Make presentations to executive staff, Division Management and technical staff. Negotiate on behalf of the Department, via HWDC, a site license contract with Microsoft that will potentially save the Department $750,000 annually. Workgroup Computing (WGC) Guide developed as a implementation methodology for the WGC Policy, was distributed by Office of Information Technology (OIT) as an example of how the Policy should be implemented.   Software Services Group Manager - (24 months) Manage a group of 19 highly technical staff including Software Specialists that had the responsibility for maintenance of the Departments very large data bases (36 million records) and on-line systems (7000 terminals). As a staff assignment from the Division Chief, I lead a team that developed the Department's Information Systems Technical Architecture.

During this period, I was responsible for the data base during three major conversions, one from manual processes, one from a second type of database , one from a distributed processors. Successfully completed a very large conversion from multiple complex VSAM files to a hierarchical data base (IDMS). The organization also successfully converted small hierarchical databases to relational databases.

Publications (partial list)

Enterprise Architecture Research Web site http://www.ewita.com/

International Enterprise Architects Consortium (IEAC) Knowledge Library - http://www.ieac.org

Business Driven Architecture (BDA) Infrastructure, Security Domains and, GroupWare Architectures (1999)

Workgroup Computing Guide (1993, 1996, 46 pg.)

Local Internet Network (LIN) Infrastructure Connectivity Security Paper (August 19, 1996, 19 pg.)

Local Internet Network (LIN) Infrastructure Connectivity Standards (August 1996, 5 pg.)

Proposed Local Internet Network Usage Guidelines (June 27, 1996, 11 pg.)

Communications Requirements for EDD Operations Branch (September 11, 1995, 26 pg.)

Major Presentations (partial list)

Developing an Expedited Enterprise Architecture, or,

Can you have it in 90 days? To DCI EA Conference (Scheduled Oct, 26, 2000)

Business Driven Architecture (Telephony) to Executive Management (May 1999)

Business Driven Architecture presentation to Executive Management (Dec 1998)

Developing a Business Driven Architecture - German Visitors (1998)

Authored 2 major presentation for Division Chief (LIN oriented)

Local Internet Network (LIN) Project - Japanese Visitors 1996

LIN Presentations to DQC, ITSMT, Operations Branch, DPD, PMD

Network Connectivity - Executive Staff 1995

Network Connectivity - Statewide Managers Meeting 1995


UCLA - Los Angeles, CA Business DP

Sacramento State College - Sacramento, CA Math/Statistics

Chico State College- Chico, CA Math


Superior Accomplishment Award (Team award) (1999)

Teamwork Award September 1996

Department Certificate of Award - ENSP July 1996

Superior Accomplishment Award For Excellence in Information Management (CFIT - 1989)

Certified Data Processor (DPMA - 1964)


On request