Stephen Rodgers

Sacramento, CA 95826

(h) 916.383.5379

(w) 916.861.1729


Obtain wide breadth of managerial and technical knowledge while taking an additional expanded role in the organization.

Experience: - Deltanet, Inc. Sacramento, CA

Operations Analyst (Production Control Analyst I & II) Feb 98 to Present

Web Development

Develop an innovative intranet site that has on-line documentation, including manuals and procedures, contact lists, including cell and pager notification, interactive turnover logs, and a technical library that allows staff to research problems as they occur. Used as a tested and approved Disaster Recovery tool. Site received recognition from management.


Nightly, analyze operational information, including schedule, and plan and organize the necessary mix to complete the maximum of work during the available hours. Monitor scheduled flow on OS390/JES2 mainframe ensuring complete, timely and accurate processing of batch jobs, ensure CICS regions are available meeting the users requirements and Service Level Agreements (SLA's).


Communicate with team members from other shifts, management, programmers and clients verbally, written and Email regarding operations, nightly procedures and outstanding issues.

Troubleshoot and coordinate as required performing necessary analysis, reporting and escalation, fully participate in no fault meetings, and following up when necessary


Test production JCL prior to implementing, Develop stress tests and associated JCL for debugging hardware and software problems as required. Document test results.

Operate a Large-scale Computer

Operate MVS/Jes2 and OS390/Jes2 master console. Expanded the use of the OSE print system by researching the available options and implementing them.


Provide formal training classes on Web development and languages to all levels of other employees, including a formal training plan, handouts using AV equipment.

Coached, and mentored new staff

Provided on-call support for operation staff

Nominated for employee of the quarter the latest two quarters

Prior Experience

July 94 to February 98

Operated and maintained a MVS/ JES2 mainframe and cartridge and reel data recovery equipment. Executed daily operation tasks and tape pool protocol. Instructed new personnel in proper daily operation tasks. Responded to customer's requests for data withdrawals.

Monitored console for required operator intervention, performance of IT equipment, tape library and perform disaster recovery functions and IPL'd mainframe when necessary. Wrote JCL code to execute job functions.

Designed and implemented a system management tool outlining reboots and system faults. Identified and resolved system faults for line management. Scheduled computer operations workload, eliminating possible conflicts. Negotiated schedules with clients to meet both their needs and data center priorities. Created and published weekly reports to the data center Intranet. Made weekly presentations to Deputy Director and staff. Trained Co-workers in PC usage. Documented work processes for operators, schedulers, help desk and other support staff. Supervised staff in absence of regular supervisor (10 persons).

Web Experience:

Operations Data Center Web Presence (Deltanet) -see above

Weekly reports on Teale Intranet, designed and coded HTML, posting to Intranet.

Cult 90210 Sacramento Chapter, Club , graphic fan club homepage with extensive related links, lists, banners, chat, questionnaires.


Computer Operating Systems

OS390, Windows NT/95/3.1, MS-DOS, MVS, TSO, CICS, UNIX, Unisys, Linux, AS/400, Tandem, Sun, HP, Novell, OS/2, TMS

Personal Computer Programs

Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Mail, Word, WordPerfect, Lotus 123, Lotus Notes, TCP/IP, CGI, FoxPro, Netscape, MS-Explorer, Adobe Acrobat, PhotoShop, Exchange, Outlook

Personal Computer Languages

HTML, Java, JavaScript, C++, Pearl, Basic

Mainframe Computer Programs


Mainframe Computer Language



University of California, Davis - Davis, CA

International Relations/ Economics


Available upon request