Example Statement of Work


This Architecture consulting service encompasses the enterprise alignment of IT with the business needs of Organization and Business Areas. It also includes the alignment with the service provider architecture; the needs of Organization employees at partner and service sites.

Scope of Work

The architecture is focused to achieve the following identified goals:

The defined architecture will be principles based, supported by standards, and "recognized best practices" or guidelines where they add value. The architecture will be forward looking, identifying target and strategic architecture directions, consistent with the Data Center architecture, architecture products, and technology directions.

The project is a joint effort between consultant and Organization staff. Shared roles, responsibilities, project management, and project oversight will be established. The consultant project manager will have primary responsibility; the Organization project manager will ensure Organization level participation, access to information and staff, and timely review of deliverables.

The project methodology is based on the META Groupís Enterprise Architecture Strategy Service model for establishing an Enterprise-wide technical architecture (EWTA), focusing on applications, data, infrastructure, and security.

The project management is based on a detailed approach, project plan, schedule, Organization and consultant staff partnership, executive briefings (and products), participant briefings (and products), product review points, deliverables, and quality assurance.

The project deliverables will be based on proven architecture models, architecture models recommended by Organization staff based on their experience or research, as well as other consulting engagements where the documented architecture is in use.

Vendor Deliverables

The Enterprise-wide IT Architecture (EWTA) covers the Domains of applications, data, infrastructure, security, and governance implications. The mentioned technology areas are further subdivided into appropriate component technical architectures. Emphasis will be placed on distributed client/server computing, however, mainframe computing and large data storage access and services are included.

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Project Schedule

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