These are resumes from myself and some friends that have helped me with research and this and the prior site.
Resumes submitted to this site
David McAfee (April 2002)
Website Developer Develop the EWITA ( website and content.
IT Online Consulting Develop the necessary Enterprise Architecture Community (mailing lists, newsletter, discussion groups and chat rooms) to support the EA community, and to respond to questions posted on the site.
Seminar Provider Developed session to be initially presented at the DCI/META EA Conference in New Orleans October 2000
Architecture Facilitator Develop example eGOV Business Case, coordinate the consensus development of that business case for the State of California eGOV initiative. This includes all phases of facilitation and negotiation of multiple department's IT leadership.
IT Enterprise Architect Develop an consensus driven Business Driven Architecture for a very large State Department. Establish the processes necessary to bring an enterprise-wide architecture to the Department. This includes the development of the initial work plan, sample architecture papers, collection of information from the Internet, methodology of consensus building. Design the physical model of the architecture structure. Coordinate the initial efforts to develop the first model. Participate as a lead in developing consensus architectures that reflect the needs of decentralized as well as centralized IT. Primary responsibility for three of 5 components. Website design and implementation.
Steve Rodgers (June 2000)
Web Development Develop an innovative intranet site that has on-line documentation, including manuals and procedures, contact lists, including cell and pager notification, interactive turnover logs, and a technical library that allows staff to research problems as they occur. Used as a tested and approved Disaster Recovery tool. Site received recognition from management.
Scheduling Nightly, analyze operational information, including schedule, and plan and organize the necessary mix to complete the maximum of work during the available hours. Monitor scheduled flow on OS390/JES2 mainframe ensuring complete, timely and accurate processing of batch jobs, ensure CICS regions are available meeting the users requirements and Service Level Agreements (SLA's).
Communications Communicate with team members from other shifts, management, programmers and clients verbally, written and Email regarding operations, nightly procedures and outstanding issues. Troubleshoot and coordinate as required performing necessary analysis, reporting and escalation, fully participate in no fault meetings, and following up when necessary

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