EWITA Tools - 09/21/2000 (Rev 11/25/00)
 Other Internet Resources
 Emerging Technologies - Empower Kentucky
 Software Technologies - Carnegie Mellon (SEI)
 Other Sites - Terse Pointers
 Other Sites - Verbose Pointers
 Other Sites - New Pointers, not yet classified
 Project Planning
 Communications Planning
 BDA Communications Plan
 Communications Plan Article(s) TechRepublic (requires registration) 10/04/00
 Project Miscellaneous 10/21/00
 A project management checklist - Source TechRepublic - free membership 10/21/00
 Project Plan (Tasking)
 Business Case Tasking
 Segment Tasking
 90 Day Draft Plan
 DOI Task Plan 1 Year
 Staffing the Project
 Project Charter Template
 Statement of Work
 Selecting Consultants
 Position Statement (PS) DIT
 Position Statement (PS) DoE, GS14
 Position Statement (PS) Customs, GS15
 Project Expectations
 Project Phases
 The Five Fundamentals of IT Consulting - Source TechRepublic - free membership 10/06/00
 The IT Consultant Skill Set - Source TechRepublic - free membership 10/06/00
 Developing Strawdogs (SD)
 Business Case SD
 Architectural Requirements SD
 Business Requirements SD
 Executive Summary SD
 Principles SD
 Technical Trends SD
 Implementation Initiative SD Establish Enterprise Architecture Lab 10/13/00
 Security Domain SD
 Meeting Skills
 Meeting Skills
 Meeting Rules
 Conflict Resolution
 Making Good Meetings
 Meeting Checklist
 Smart Meetings Checklist
 Presentation Tools
 Developing Templates
 Logos, Icons, Symbols
 Presentation Skills
 Scenario Planning
 Scenario Building
 How to build Scenarios
 Texas Connected (an example)
 Scotland Network Management Group (an example)
 IITA Task Group (an example)
 EDD Scenario (an example)
 Utah Scenario, page 33 (an example)new
 Bldg Systems with Scenarios
 Internet Tools
 Tree Menu (How to develop a dynamic navigation table.)
 Internet Search Tools 10/06/2000
 EWITA Site Search Tools 10/06/00
 Member Discussion Board
 Member Chat Room
 Non-Member Discussion Board
 Non-Member Chat Room
 Development Aids
 EWITA Glossary
 EA Table of Contents Shell
 EA Segment Realtionships (WSDOT)
 Planning Concepts (WSDOT)
 Methodology Phases Chart (WSDSOT)
 EA Plan (shell) (WSDSOT)
 Work Space
 The Collaborative Project Work Space First of three articles from newsletter 10/13/00
 The Physical Project Room Second of three articles from newsletter 10/21/00
 The Virtual project Room Third of three articles from newsletter 11/11/00
 Reading Files new
 Communications The communications to the members to date
 Recruiting and Retention Articles about R&R 11/25/00new
 Consulting How to effectively use Consutants
 Org. Cultural Principles
 Org. Architectural Maturity
 Org. Recommendations
 CA/EDD Complete Architecture
 Contact EWITA

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